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Strategy Call

On our first call we will get to know your business and get to know you. 

We will discuss what you did in the past, what worked, what didn’t work and we will go into what goals you’re looking to achieve. 



From our consultation we will map out the best marketing solutions for your garage door company’s specific needs and present these insights directly to you. 



Our final step before take off will be going over the best marketing plan for your garage door company to achieve it’s revenue goals.

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What Makes Garage Door rocket different

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Garage door rocket changes the way garage door companies increase revenue

It can be difficult to run a garage door company. Installing garage doors, fixing garage doors, sourcing parts & garage doors, dealing with customers, collecting payments, hiring employees, etc. At the end of the day the last thing you want to do when you pull into your own garage at the end of the day is figure out your marketing and how to drive more calls and sales to your garage door company. That’s why we are here to make that process as smooth as possible.  

We work directly with you to understand your business goals and develop a plan specifically tailored for your specific garage door company. We don’t just look at leads and cost per lead – we make sure to look at your revenue and sales to ensure we are hitting your overall goals because as we know – not all leads are created equally and revenue is always king. 

Why Us?

Revenue Partner

We don’t just look at leads and cost per lead when you work with us. We dive into your sales & jobs completed to uncover strengths and weaknesses within your garage door company so we can help you break revenue records. 


We only work with 1 garage door company from each city/region so you can be rest assured we won’t sign on any of your competitors. 

Industry insights

Working with only garage door companies allows us to help you in many different ways from software selection to picking the right keywords in paid search and SEO to help you to rocket past your competition. 

consistent innovation

We don’t just set it and forget it here. Each month we will continue to bring new ideas that will contribute to increasing your revenue. This includes ideas such as how to get more google reviews, how to increase the life time value of a customer and ways to increase profitability. 

ready to rocket your garage door company to the next level?

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